History of the Rhön Hotel Gasthof zum Biber

family owned for five generations

In the best family tradition spanning several generations, your hosts, the Ziegler family, show true commitment and put their hearts and souls into ensuring that guests feel completely comfortable and welcome at all times while staying at the Rhön Hotel Gasthof zum Biber. The comfort and satisfaction of our guests has been our top priority since 1878.

Tangible history

Living tradition



Historically, the hospitality sector in Speicherz was represented by the Gasthaus “Zum Biber”, which was well-known beyond Bavaria’s borders. Despite many obstacles, the guesthouse was built in 1771.

The cellar vaults built in 1771 during the Gründerzeit era (a period in the 19th-century characterised by rapid growth in Germany) is one of Speicherz’s places of interest and attracts many visitors each year, and not only because of the hotel’s wine cellars.

Over the years and the generations, renovations have been carried out and extensions and new buildings added to the hotel. The hotel’s last overall renovation was in 2015 and the last partial renovation in 2017.


Tradition of hospitality

The Rhön Hotel Gasthof zum Biber has been a family business with heart and soul since 1878. This passion for catering has been handed down to what is now the fifth generation. Today, the hotel’s junior manager Harald, together with his father Gerd and mother Maria, are responsible for running the hotel and satisfying the guests’ culinary needs. The next generation is already waiting in the wings.

Even our great-grandparents had a penchant for processing locally harvested berries to produce wine and liqueur. Following an old family recipe, we are continuing this tradition by producing rosehip wine which is well known beyond the region’s borders.


The Corner Shop

As early as the days of our great-grandparents, there was a small village shop in the yard which they ran and which sold everything, a true corner shop of which very few remain today.

Even then, the legendary rosehip wine and rosehip liqueur were among the items sold there. Today, the focus of the country store (which still exists) is on local and regional products. In addition to rosehip delicacies, it sells rosehip jam and honey from our own apiary.

Finally, besides the many other items we source directly from producers in the Rhön, there are also the tasty and highly rated homemade meat products such as black pudding, liver paté, brawn and ham.

We, the Ziegler family, very much look forward to welcoming
you to our historical hotel